5 Reasons to Shop Handmade Gifts this Year

Why Handmade?

Gift giving can be a stressful process for some of us. Trying to find unique meaningful gifts for friends and family can be challenging. Even more difficult, we often already have so many comforts and gadgets that finding a thoughtful gift can prove very difficult indeed.

Shopping handmade items is an option that solves these problems and has many added benefits.

Here are our top 5 reasons to give handmade gifts this season!

  1. You support local artisans, and in turn, their local communities and economies.  This financial support boosts artisans and the communities in which they live.
  2. You help the environment.  Buying handmade items, made with sustainable materials means you lessen your carbon footprint and impact on the environment as a whole. Handmade items are often made with recycled and upcycled materials and manufactured using sustainable techniques.
  3. You get high quality items that will stand the test of time. Handmade items are made with quality materials and techniques. These items are often more durable and last longer than mass produced factory made items. Each piece is an investment that will stand the test of time.
  4. Your gifts are beautiful and unique. Handmade items are unique and often have a great deal of character. Because of their unique handmade nature, these items standout in a crowd. Recipients of a handmade gift will be the envy of friends, family, and strangers!
  5. Buying handmade items gives you feelings of doing good, doing something to help others. This feeling is contagious and you’ll want to spread it to those around you!

Buy handmade and spread the love!


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