Brazil's Gemstone Industry & Women's Empowerment

Brazil has a long history in gemstone mining and production. Brazil has one of the most diverse natural variety of stones in the world, including diamonds, aquamarines, alexandrite, and other rare stones. Brazilian mining organizations have had to adapt to survive in a world of increasing costs.

Andy Lucas from GIA writes, “As costs have risen, many Brazilian companies have thrived by moving up the value chain into branded finished jewelry. Their uniquely Brazilian style incorporates many different domestic gemstones. The high value of the jewelry makes gem mining and cutting profitable again and creates new employment opportunities”. Small producers making handmade items are in a constant balancing act between their costs and their gains. It can be challenging for these small producers to survive.

With the increase in production of raw materials in the last few decades, the number of jewelry designers has increased as well. In spite of high costs, Brazilian jewelry designers, often women, are emerging as industry professionals. Female jewelry designers are creating beautiful, and internationally renowned, collections, using natural materials from Brazil.

Brazil’s jewelry style is truly unique, combining elements and inspiration from Brazil’s indigenous peoples, the slave trade, and early Portuguese settlers. The combination has created some distinctive design influences for today’s craftspeople.

Designers are able to capture Brazilian style and trends, which include echoing the natural world via soft flowing collections. Brazil is known for its vast landmass, rainforests, and diverse ecological composition. This natural and exotic influence is echoed in the jewelry designs of the women and men who design these pieces.

Brazilian stones are some of the most unique and beautiful gemstones found anywhere in the world. This commodity drives economic development, industries, and has, of course, captured international attention of those in the industry and those who wish to add a Brazilian piece to their collection. Brazilian jewelry is known for its use of bright gemstones, often used in elaborate multicoloured settings. This style has become synonymous with Brazil.

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