Reimagining Our Waste - The Upcycling Movement

What Is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of taking what most would see as trash and turning it into something unexpected, useful, and even beautiful. This movement has sprung out of financial necessity for many and, for others, out of witnessing the increasingly severe environmental impact of our ‘throwaway’ culture.

While traditional recycling is removed from the individual, and often handled by municipal and federal bodies, upcycling is hands-on, local, and very much a grassroots movement. This makes upcycling extremely empowering for those who participate in it.

The Upcycling Movement Today

Upcycling has been called a “reimagining of our waste”, and this could not be more true. The most unexpected materials can become the most incredible creations through this upcycling phenomena. Everyday items are transformed, becoming practical items needed for daily life, or beautiful piece of art and fashion that bring colour and joy to people’s lives.

Websites like Upcycle That are dedicated to providing upcycling information and inspiration. The site acts as a means of bringing together people who have a common passion, using unwanted items in unique and interesting ways.


At FETCH Ideas , we believe in, and continue to be inspired by, the upcycling movement not only in Brazil, but around the world. By harnessing the potential of the trash and unwanted items that surround us, we can make an impact, not only environmentally, but economically, and socially as well. Local communities and the artisans and designers who live there are using that they have around them, on a daily basis, to make unique, inspiring, and beautiful items.


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