The 5 Best Markets in Brazil

Our List of the Best Markets Brazil Has to Offer!

When travelling, for many of us, the desire for a rich an authentic experience is strong. We want to leave a place feeling as though we have seen the ‘real’ version of that city, town, or country. Visiting local restaurants, galleries, shops, and landmarks can paint a beautiful picture of your home away from home.

One of the most enriching ways to experience a new city is by visiting the many local markets. Markets are gathering places for locals and tourists alike,bringing together artisans, cooks, and craftspeople from the surrounding area, allowing visitors to see many different types or art and cuisine in one place.

Here are our top five markets you must see on your next trip to Brazil:

Ver-o-Peso Market - Belém

The Ver-o-Peso Market in the city of Belém is a large waterside market, filled with weird and wonderful fish and produce from the Amazon. At this market visitors can find Amazon fish, and hundreds of species of Amazon fruit found nowhere else in the world. Prices at this market are very reasonable. If you are visiting Belém, you won’t regret taking the time to visit this unique market.

The Sunday Market in Ipanema - Rio

This Sunday market in Rio is sure to please everyone. This market, also known as “The Hippie Fair”, features art, jewelry, some shirts, accessories, furniture, hammocks, food from Bahia and much more.

Mercado Modelo - Salvador

Mercado Modelo in Salvador is a souvenir collector’s dream. This large and diverse market has around 300 merchants selling a large variety of souvenirs. From hammocks, musical instruments, masks, carvings, and paintings, to lace, textiles, and jewelry, this huge market is sure to have something for everyone.

Japanese Market - São Paulo

One of the largest Asian street markets takes place every Sunday on the Praça da Liberdade in São Paulo's Liberdade neighbourhood, and believe it or not, it is a Japanese market! The city's Japanese residents celebrate their heritage with an excellent and inexpensive selection of food, handmade items, and crafts. This is a truly unique experience on your next trip to Brazil.

Feira Hype - Rio de Janeiro

This fashion forward market in Rio focuses on creative and fashion focused designers and craftspeople. Another added unique quality of this market is that it changes location each time it opens. This market has been responsible for launching Brazilian designers into fame.

These five are just a sampling of the many amazing and eclectic markets Brazil has to offer. What are your favourite Brazilian markets? Have you visited any of the markets on our list?


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