The Story of FETCH IDEAS

Big Dreams Realized

FETCH IDEAS is a 100% Canadian company, passionate about supporting artisans, building communities, and empowering craftspeople, all while bringing beautiful, sustainable, handmade items from different parts of the world, including Canada. FETCH IDEAS is a lifelong dream of the product designer and artisan Clarice Duarte. Born in São Paulo, Brazil and now established in Canada, she has been creating her own products for more than 25 years. Clarice has always been concerned with the environment and sustainability of the planet. She has participated in many different social projects in Brazil and also in the development of sustainable communities.

For Clarice, FETCH IDEAS bring together her passion for creating her own products, supporting communities and artisans, and creating opportunities and hope for those who need. Since the founding of this project, Clarice has worked closely with artisans and communities, travelling around the world, mainly to Brazil, to bring FETCH IDEAS to life.


From beautiful handmade accessories, jewelry, linens, handbags and many others, FETCH IDEAS appreciates art in many forms. From professionally trained artisans,  to local craftspeople with no formal training. From small towns, to large cities, Clarice sees beauty, talent, and quality everywhere and brings this vision to FETCH IDEAS. Many of Clarice´s own products have components, partnership  and influence from supported communities and artists as her jewellery and home décor items.

As Clarice says, “Every product has a story to tell. FETCH IDEAS wants to show that behind a product there are people who have invested years of study and dedication, trial and error and the final product is pure beauty”. FETCH IDEAS also wants to showcase those artisans without academic training or study who are producing beautiful, high quality products, often in difficult situations, with few resources. For many of these craftspeople, access to a Canadian and international audience is not just exciting, it is truly life changing. These entrepreneurs rely on their growing businesses to sustain their lives, and the lives of their employees”.

Each purchase from the site sends support back to these local artists and communities.



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