Amor Caseado

Boca da Mata, Alagoas, Brazil

80 Families

Textiles, embroidery.

Amor Caseado was established in 2015 by women of the Village of Boca da Mata in Alagoas State, Northeast of Brazil. This area of Brazil is extremely dry, and many of the locals do not have access to water, having to walk kilometres to obtain water for their families.

The village is made up of 120 families that work mainly in the sugar cane harvest. To assist with their monthly expenses, a group of women formed the organization Embroidery With Love (Amor Caseado in Portuguese). Most of them did not have the opportunity to go to school, but are extremely talented in embroidery techniques, techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. These women work in their own homes dedicating their time and passion to their work.

There are countless testimonials from these women in which they speak about the change they have experienced in their lives as a result of this job, not only because of the financial income it secures, but also due to the occupational therapy the work provides.

Due to the beauty and extremely high quality of these products, these families are selling their handcrafted embroidery in many parts of Brazil, in trade shows, and now in Canada with support of FETCH IDEAS. FETCH IDEAS had the opportunity to visit their community in Brazil and see and hear the beautiful history of these brave women.

Amor Caseado's Products