Catia Juliani

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

1 Artisan

Jewelry, Bracelets, Rings

Catia Juliani is jewelry designer, born in São Paulo, Brazil. She graduated in Industrial Design in 1985 from FAAP University in Brazil, and has worked in the design field since that time, while also attended Styling and Fashion at Senac School.

In 2003, Catia began pursuing her lifelong dream of designing and creating handmade jewelry. During her schooling, Catia completed various courses in handcrafted jewelry and gemology. With this education and passion behind her, Catia began her career, always bearing in mind her passion for creation and art.

Over time, Catia began feeling the need for expansion and new challenges. She began designing a new collection of leather pieces that were in keeping the same modern design and casual style of her existing pieces.

Catia's unique pieces embody her identity and personality. Her pieces are both beautiful and versatile.

Catia's work is inspired by the natural world, geometry, and religious and spiritual symbols. She uses noble metals like 950 silver and 18k gold in her work. The unique beauty, different brightnesses, and colour variations of these materials, fascinate Catia. Using Brazilian natural gemstones, Catia incorporates a range of colour into her pieces. This results in stunning collections, with simple and original designs.

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