Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

19 Employees

Leather Bags, Purses, & Wallets. Leather Goods

Located in the South of Brazil, in the city of Cachoeirinha in Rio Grande do Sul State, Celibatto Purse Company creates beautiful handmade leather accessories. Celibatto was started by Brazilian designers Luciana Casagrande and Gisele Meyer and was founded in 1999.

The vision of Luciana and Gisele was to produce their own designs using scraps and raw materials leftover from the footwear industry, but “We found that the raw materials use pollutants substances that comes from the leather that was tanned into chrome. We were concerned about the environmental impact”, says Luciana and Gisele.

After researching a solution, they developed a technique to tan the leather with a substance extracted from peels and seeds of trees, which is 100% non-toxic. With this discovery, their dream was almost completely realized; to produce their own custom designed products using scraps without polluting the environment.

Today Celibatto has participated in several national and internationals trade shows, always recognized and known for the beauty and quality of their products. Luciana and Gisele says: “Our goal is not just to sell products, it is also to sell a concept. We are focused on economic social activity, aimed at the sustainability of the product as well as the fair trade and the recovery of social equity”.

The products are made with leather scraps, 100% natural tanned. Other lines of products, like wallets, are made from plastic bag industry leftovers, tanned and corded by hand, and then turned into wires to be worked using a manual loom. Along with leather, they also work with rice straw in some of their collections.

To produce their products, Luciana and Gisele only hire people 65 years old and up, from their local community. They are called partners, not employees. This work is an opportunity given to these people to sustain their daily lives, since many seniors are marginalized in the country. This work gives them purpose, income, and friendship. Their oldest partner is 82 years old. Today Celibatto has 17 partners producing and exporting to Europe, South America and now Canada through FETCH IDEAS.

Celibatto's Products