Cláudia Pontual

Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

1 Artisan

Sculptures in Paper Maché.

Graduating from Graphic Design in 1981 from Pernambuco Federal University in Recife, Northeast of Brazil, Claudia attended many different courses such as painting, clay sculpture, and others, in addition to her specialization in interior design. Claudia worked on the creation of jewelry collections, and also worked in advertising firms. Today, she dedicates all of her time to the development and execution of decorative items in paper maché.

Self-taught in paper maché, Claudia realized that besides providing beauty, this craft has many other positive features, including durability and lightness. Many of the materials used in paper maché are recycled or reused, thus promoting sustainability.

"I whole heartedly believe in this process for use in interior decoration as to suit any environment", says Claudia. This technique is finding a strong revival and growth, due to both the beauty of the items and the positive ecological implications. 

"The paper sculpture is composed of paper and adhesive fragments. In my work, I use new paper, as well as “papietagem”, which is reused newspaper", says Claudia.

Working on a collection of her own designs, she is always looking to add new products. Quality is maintained throughout production and is never compromised. The collection always includes sculptures of various styles, such as clowns, dancers, religious pieces, female representations, birds, and regional characters from her Brazilian Northeastern folklore. All models are repeated, although each piece is unique, each has its own characteristics, since each piece is made entirely by hand.

Cláudia Pontual's Products