São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

7 Employees

Belts, Purses, Wallets

A typically Brazilian Product. A mixture of colors, techniques and social development makes this line of handbags and accessories of Domenica112 a sample of the creativity and ingenuity of the Brazilian craftsman and designer. Creating an essentially Brazilian product, with raw material and specialized labor was the original proposal of the designer Ziza Crepaldi. They are handbags and wallets that accompany women's fashion, creating trends and dictating fashion. Mixing artisan techniques or not, Ziza was able to develop her own design, full of style. For Ziza Crepaldi, the production mainly goes through a process of technical and human development, with the training of artisans to integrate into the process, offering them professional training, income and, above Jute, leather and rubber and fabric blend with a lot of creativity, and good taste.

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