ED Biojoias

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

20 Employees

Jewellery made in natural brazilian stones and natural fibre

Bio jewelry is an adornment produced from natural elements such as seeds, fibers and stones, among others. During the production process, the raw material is extracted in a sustainable way and does not harm the environment.

It differs from traditional handmade jewelry based on the design, the concept used in the creation and the technology used in the processing of the raw material.

ED BIOJOIAS, founded by brothers Valesca and Ettore , are elaborated from inputs Genuinely Brazilian, who promote the Sustainability and appreciation of cultural elements from the country.

Through the study of biodiversity, we have transformed this national wealth into fashion accessories to meet the growing demand of the demanding female market.

Collected by cooperatives in Brazilian biomes, natural products are transformed into delicate and modern bio jewelry.

ED Biojoias's Products