Evan Venyard

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

1 Artisan

Wood working, carpentry.

Evan Venyard is a young Canadian artisan who is passionate about woodwork. This past summer he decided to turn his passion into something more by starting his own custom woodworking business and now he operates with his own full workshop out of his home in Kingston, Ontario. “While I study chemical engineering at McGill University during the school year, it is during the summer when I have access to my shop that I can do what I really love, working with my hands” says Evan. Evan creates many beautiful hand crafted items, such as cutting boards, tea boxes, and custom canoe paddles perfectly suited to each individual. While he is able to sell his products to help make a bit of money, it is the enjoyment out of the building process that is the most rewarding for him.

"His talent is impressive", says Clarice Duarte, founder of FETCH IDEAS. "It was at a presentation of young entrepreneurs where we met Evan and were immediately impressed with his products. His attention to detail and the choice of woods used in his work ensure the quality and beauty of each unique creation. Each piece is unique and original" says Clarice. Now through FETCH IDEAS greater numbers of people have access to Evan's wonderful creations.

Evan Venyard's Products