São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

5 Employees

Jewelry made from recycled Inner tubes

In 2010, Andreia Corbes Paes had the support of her family to follow a dream that she had and believed that it would work. She abandoned everything to follow in faith that dream. The first pieces were made directly with inner tubes, collected in rubber bands. The cuts were made with scissors and scalpel.

The first sales were to friends and relatives, and then came the directions and people started to ask, that's where she found out that her dream could really turn out to be a business. In 2012, it became a formal company. "We started to trade fairs and events and started to study everything about rubber and recycling, and we began to improve on the manufacturer with machines and types of rubbers", says Andreia.

"Today, we use leftovers from industrial rubber, natural rubber, and inner tubes. The most precise cuts are made in a water jet machine (with water reused). Some accessories are still made in scissors and scalpel (when the cut is not as accurate, and each piece has its distinctive shape).

It is a family business, my father Moises and I, developed the designs and the trim to better adhere to the skin and also the entire production process. My mother Maria Zilda Corbes Paes and my sister Andressa Corbes Paes care for fairs and events. All united to resilience this dream."

Many awards to its quality and concern for the environment since then. Flare-Up today is a reality; the dream came true and today the products are available to North American Market with the partnership with Fetch Ideas.

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