São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

50 Employees

Purses, bags, suitcases, backpacks.

Thái Quang Nghia, at 21 years of age, fled Vietnam in search of freedom and a new life. The country, at that time, was ruled by an authoritarian political regime, making life there a harsh reality, especially for young people who dreamed of a better future.

In 1979, a Brazilian Oil Ship from Petrobras found a fishing boat on the high seas in Southeast Asia. On that boat was Thái. After the rescue, Thái sailed to Brazil and became a Brazilian citizen and refugee. Four years after his arrival in Brazil, Thái enrolled in the University of São Paulo (USP).

During his career in Brazil, Thái began selling tire sandals and handmade bags using truck canvas and other materials. Soon, he turned from student turned to entrepreneur, when he founded the Domini Group in 1986, a company which used recycled materials for the production of footwear and accessories.

Inspired by the culture and history of the Vietnamese people, Thái developed the production of sandals and other footwear with rubber soles recycled tires. Today, 30 years after being rescued, Thái Quang Nghia is a Brazilian citizen, engaging hundreds of people in the cause of tire recycling. Not even a fire that completely destroyed Thái's plant, forcing him to start over once again, was able to diminish his passion.

Each item manufactured by Goóc embodies their philosophy, to make products that have a unique identity, are innovative, and are environmentally friendly.

"Usually people start from scratch. I started my life alone in Brazil essentially: dumb, because not speak Portuguese; deaf, because they did not understand me, and blind since I did not know where I was or where I should go. Besides the huge longing for family, friends and country ... Besides being penniless, without a future, I still had so much. I had my freedom from the communist regime. The ability to shape my own life"- Thái Quang Nghia.

Goóc is now a solid company that invests heavily in production techniques using recycled materials. They are champions for the sustainability movement in Brazil. The company uses marketing campaigns to promote conscious consumption focusing on the use of sustainable materials, comfort, beauty and the construction of a better world.

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