Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

10 Employees

Jewelry, Bracelets, Rings

Incomun (meaning "Unusual" in Portuguese) is a jewelry brand from the city Belo Horizonte, in the Minas Gerais State (Southeast of Brazil). While Incomun has only officially existed since 2006, the company's founders have been making beautiful jewelry for nearly 20 years.

To tell Incomun's story we need to go back to the 80´s when Alice, Thais and Camila's mother, left her career in education to care for her children full-time. In order to meet the financial needs of her family, Alice started producing handicrafts and selling them on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte at the "Hippie Fair" (a flea market style market).

Her young daughters accompanied her to Hippie Fair, where they watched her sell her handmade items. Gradually Alice managed to participate in the city's trade show and display her products there. In one of these larger fairs Alice discovered clay polymer that a friend had bought abroad and brought back to Brazil. Alice was instantly fascinated and bought the clay immediately. Without much technical understanding of how to shape this polymer, Alice began working with the material and creating pieces.

Alice's entire production took place at home and so her daughters were always exposed to the materials and the creative process. Thais, one of her daughters, fell in love with the polymer at a young age because it seemed like playing with one of her toys.

Time has passed, and both of Alice's daughters have taken on a role in the business, Thais in the technical and creative portion and Camila on the Marketing side. The two daughters, along with Alice, created Incomun, which is an extension of their mother's creative journey and legacy.

Using the polymer clay, Thais echoes elements of nature from which she gathers inspiration. "Basically my references are composed of elements of nature, Brazilian indigenous adornments and mythological figures. I like to honour the surrealism and history", says Thaís Rocha Magalhães.

Incomun's entire production is done manually, from the processing of the clay, through to the creation of artistic prints, until the final creation of the piece itself, everything is done by hand. The details are maintained with attention given to the original concept for the piece. The detail is maintained so that the consumer gets the most detailed and highest quality item possible.

Today, Incomun has presented their work in Germany, Japan and several fairs in Brazil. It was at one of these fairs that Clarice, founder of FETCH IDEAS, met Camila and fell in love with the products and the history of Incomun. They have partnered and now Canada can hear Incomun's story and enjoy the beautiful products.

Increasingly, creative companies are gaining space in the fashion market, gaining customers who are seeking consciously created items, and are turning away from mass produced products from large companies; large companies that do not benefit communities at the grassroots level and do very real harm to the environment. Because of this, handmade products, like those of Incomun, are gaining lots of attention.

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