Ivana Salume

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

11 Employees

Jewellery in resin, bones and leather

Brazilian design on surprising accessories!

With 15 years of experience in the Brazilian Market, period of time in which it has positioned itself as a reference in innovation in the segment of accessories produced in resin, the brand Ivana Salume is characterized by the exclusivity of its creations, handcrafted in limited edition.

Comprised of noble materials such as leather, reforestation wood and metals plated in various colors, Ivana Salume’s resin accessories are marketed in qualified stores throughout Brazil and in E-commerce, being a mandatory presence in the editorials of the country's leading fashion publications.

Reflecting the company’s experience, which holds the entire production process of the items, Ivana Salume also develops collections in the form of ‘private label’ to many important Brazilian brands.

It is important to highlight that environmental standards are respected throughout the process and the waste generated is recycled and reused in the production of new products.

Ivana Salume has developed an exclusive collection for Canada and international market, made up of timeless and innovative items that conquer sophisticated consumers that are aware of the main fashion trends.

For this collection, we highlight the organic forms - such as corals with mother-of-pearl and multicolored gravel, in exclusive colors - and magnetic closure necklaces that provide a differentiated touch to the products.

Ivana Salume's Products