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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

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Silk Scarves

Marlene Wolfensberger, a born and raised Brazilian and resident of São Paulo, is a textile artist, as she calls herself. Marlene completed high school and went directly to technical and arts design school where she discovered her passion.

From childhood, Marlene painted, drew, and made collages on the walls of her room. As an adult her creativity and passion lead her to an artistic career path. In 1984 she began to paint canvas for upholstery. She worked on upholstery textiles until 1987, when she began looking for a way to leave the textile industry.

After leaving the textile industry, Marlene graduated from a makeup design program. She worked at the Teatro Oficina and did makeup for bands, as well their costumes. In 1991 she began working in a studio painting silk. As soon as Marlene started working with and painting these pieces, she knew this was what her true passion was. Shortly after, she set up her own studio and began a life of trade shows in the city of São Paulo, selling her own hand painted silk scarves. 

In 1992 she showcased in very well know trade shows. Marlene shower her work in the Praça Benedito Calixto and in 2002 the Fair Omaguas Square, in Pinheiros District, São Paulo. Marlene tried to juggle a permanent job and her art, so that she could survive financially, but in 2015 finally decided to dedicate 100% of her time and attention to her work. Her style, says Marlene, "comes from within". Her inspiration is family, everyday life, and the emotions that come out of life's experiences. She loves fashion, but it does not limit herself to any one style.

Woody Allen, Gauguin, Chagall, Chico Buarque, Clarice Lispector, the sea, her granddaughter ... are all inspirations for her work. Marlene believes that handmade items are the way to meet everyone's needs; whether utilitarian, decorative, for adornment or the artist's own identity. "I am an artist, and I consider myself textile artisan. It is a term that does not exist, I invented it, and I fit it perfectly" says Marlene.

At a trade show in Brazil , Clarice , founder of FETCH IDEAS met Marlene. The colours of her work caught the attention of Clarice. After five minutes talking they were like old friends and Clarice was completely fascinated by her work. A visit to Marlene’s studio was promptly scheduled. Every scarf painted by Marlene is different from the other. Every one is unique. Painted in silk , Marlene’s scarves are adored by women around the world.

"Love! This is the definition of my work! I love my job. I love what I do and do it with love. What comes next, it is a gift!".

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