Luma Bijoux

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

13 Employees

Jewelry, Bracelets, Rings

Luma Bijoux was founded in 2007 by sisters Luciana Freitas and Marcia Freitas. The sister's names, Lucia (Lu) and Marcia (Ma), form the name Luma. Luma's jewelry is made using Brazilian stones in wire crochet, and their pieces are truly unique and beautifully crafted.

Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, Luciana Freitas (Lu), left her job in a large office in São Paulo to join her sister Marcia Freitas (Ma), who had already started making jewelry. This decision turned their dream of being entrepreneurs into reality, as they left their office jobs to pursue running their own company full-time. The decision to leave their jobs coincided with larger financial struggles for the family. The sisters gathered their money and used it to pay the family debts. They were left to start their business with just $20CAD. Luciana and Marcia vividly remember this moment in their family's and business' history, with tears in their eyes.

In spite of these struggles and setbacks, the sisters continued to pursue their business dream and began to get to work on their pieces, "We always liked items made with natural materials and so we decided to seek out Brazilian stones and study more about each one! We wanted to make sure our pieces expressed our identity".

Around this time, Dirce Carvalho Freitas, Luciana and Marcia´s mother, gave the girls the idea of crocheting the stones using wire to create their products. Since then, the sisters have been doing just that, hand crocheting beautiful stones together to create unique and colourful pieces. "Every single product is made with love" says Marcia.

With their talent in creating these detailed pieced, the sisters stood out at trade fairs in various cities of São Paulo State and in the larger Brazilian southeast region, attracting the attention of female consumers, all of whom fell in love with the products after seeing them.

"Today we have a team of 10 artisans working full time for us", says Marcia. All artisans are carefully selected by the sisters and have been working with them for a long time. They work in their homes and are paid by piece. Luciana and Marcia are very happy knowing that they contribute to the improvement of quality of life of these women and their families by providing them with stable work and an income.

Today, Luma Bijoux has a store in the southern area of ​​São Paulo City and they sell products to order from all over Brazil. Luma Bijoux also exports to countries in Europe, United States and now Canada with this partnership with FETCH IDEAS.

All products are handmade and prepared with love, care, and dedication. This attention to detail and passion for what they do, has allowed these two sisters to operate a very successful business.

Luma Bijoux's products include necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Using materials such as crystals, seeds, textiles, and stones such as jade, pearl, amber, coral, hematite, as well as many other stones unique to Brazil.


Luma Bijoux's Products