Marcos de Sertânia

Sertânia, Pernambuco, Brazil

7 Employees

Wood sculpture

Marcos Paulo Lau da Costa is an important figure in the wood carving community, born in Sertânia, Pernambuco State, Northeast of Brazil, in 1974. Today he is known as Marcos from Sertânia. Coming from a family of farmers and artisans, he decided to change the tradition of his family that produced domestic and small sculpted utensils. Instead, he wanted to portray the distress caused by the drought, carving skeletal figures of drama and melancholy. The carved wooden dog is one of his most emblematic works. "I created a more unique style, thinned the characters to show the suffering. I lived all this where I put in my work. I have suffered from drought, I have helped my mother to carry water on the head, my father was a cowboy, I have seen cattle starve", says Marcos.

Marcos Paulo now supports his family with his talent and creativity. Marcos belongs to a new generation of masters of Brazilian folk art trailblazing his own style. The Marcos sculptures, beyond the drama, give the impression of being in constant motion. "People from Sertânia think what I do is ugly. I disproportionate things, but I like the disproportionate, just as I find my beautiful universe. Of course, the drought is terrible, but the savanna is beautiful. Once they told me that my work looked like the Portinari. When I saw Portinari's pictures I saw that what I was doing he also did", says Marcos. The work of Marcos Paulo has also been compared to the work of the artist and Italian sculptor Amedeo Modigliani.

The works of Marcos are scattered in private collections in Brazil and abroad. He often showcases his work in several exhibitions in Brazil, such as the 6th International Exhibition of Crafts, held in the Brazilian capital and the National Fair of Crafts Business (Fenearte).

Today Marcos is known for his talent in many parts of the world. It was a craft fair in Recife, Brazil in 2015 that Clarice, founder of FETCH IDEAS met Mark. Clarice was dazzled because each piece is unique and represents the suffering of a region, battered by drought in Brazil. In this meeting Marcos said, "I already work for more than twenty-two years with sculpture. In my work, I try to show the man of the backlands, the backlands woman, and much of what I have lived, which have suffered in the Pernambuco lands where I live. I think I can sometimes touch some people. Someone sees my work and may be touched, feel something, that's what brings me satisfaction and makes me feel like an artist. Many people in Sertânia moved to South of Brazil to try for a better life, but I decided to stay in my land, where I get the inspiration and I am proud of it and sustain my family with my work."

Today the Canadian market has opportunity to see his fantastic and unique pieces through the partnership with FETCH IDEAS. 

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