Pontal da Barra

Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil

125 Families

Textiles, embroidery.

In 1988, a group of craftswomen decided to create an association called Craft Association of Pontal da Barra, understanding that creating a collective would strengthen them and allow them to grow. The collective not only brought together artists, but also people working in production, marketing and sales. Pontal da Barra is a stronghold of artisans in the Brazilian city of Maceio, located in the Brazilian state of Alagoas, in northeastern Brazil.

"Since the creation of the Association we have developed new styles in a variety of colours and shapes that have been enchanting the world", says Maria Ligia Minin Lins, craftswoman and President of the Association. "That's right, the world", she says, "Through craft fairs we were invited to participate in international events such as: Fair of Cordoba in Argentina, Asuncion in Paraguay, Vina Del Mar and Val Paraiso in Chile. We also participate in private exhibitions in various states of Brazil. Today we are so happy that we have the opportunity to present our products to Canada through Clarice Duarte of FETCH Ideas. It is a dream for us".

On one of her tours of poor and sustainable communities in Brazil, Clarice Duarte, founder of FETCH Ideas, met the PAB, a government organization that supports the Association, guiding and training all their actions, whether in sales, marketing routine administration or finance. Impressed with the quality and beauty of the products and with the organization of the Association in such a remote place, Clarice was impressed with the products. They were exactly what she was looking for. "It is a privilege knowing that we will contribute to the sustainability of this wonderful community", says Clarice.

Today, the association has 125 associates and works with 500 families where the main income is Filet embroidery and other traditional embroidery of the region. They have a group that works just researching what market trends and the colours of the season, always seeking guidance and understanding from the government entity that supports them.

Pontal da Barra's Products