Vila Honorata

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

7 Employees

Belts, Purses, Wallets

In 2006, Elis Reis and Ziza Crepaldi joined forces and combined their passions to create a collection that would unite creativity, design and style. Together they created the Ateliê Vila Honorata, a collection born out of research, experience and imagination.

When Elis and Ziza started out, they only had a hand weaving tool and a very rough idea of what they wanted to create. In their original pieces they used jute yarn, natural wires and rustic materials which created unique shapes, colour combinations, and patterns, showcasing the unique style of Vila Honorata.

Over time, they felt the need to expand and try their hand at new challenges. They began to develop a collection of leather pieces that were in keeping with the same modern design and casual style their previous collections were know for.

Since then, the purses and accessories of Ateliê Vila Honorata have been conquering the fashion world.

Vila Honorata's Products